2016 Good News – 8th Times to Paralympic Games

20150104b     IPTTC published the January ranking list at an earlier time on 29 December 2015. I was ranked 10th in Women Class 5. It meant that I got chance again to go to Paralympic Games next year. It was really good news as the start of 2016.

After the first time I participated the 1984 Paralympic Games in Stoke Mandeville, the coming 2016 Brazil Paralympic Games would be my eighth times to join.  I think I should be the first one in Hong Kong who joined so many Paralympic Games. In fact, I would be the only wheelchair player who would join the 2016 Brazil Paralympic Games table tennis event. I feel honored of it much.

It was also unbelievable for somebody who considered that I ought to be retired from games.

20150104a    I, as a senior player, was unwelcome. In the past few years, I was always persuaded to go down from the tournament stage, maybe to act as a coach. I refused to do so and continued to play because I got the confidence to win continuously in the tournament. Despite most people presently like to focus on new junior players, I strongly believed that senior players had their place to perform. Both could co-exist in the tournament.

My present slogan is “I would play if I could”. On one hand, I enjoyed very much to be a player, much more than a coach. On the other hand, I could not find another player in Hong Kong who would have so much commitment like me. So, don’t ask me to stop if you meet me next time.