Lilian’s Graduation

mk3_0088         Last Sunday, I together with my husband and mother-in-law took part in my daughter’s university ceremony.  It’s very grateful to witness one of her succeeded milestone in studies.  Time ran fast.  I was too busy to alert that she already became a very mature adult after her birth in 1989.

Unlike me working as a social worker, Lilian did not like social subject.  She joked with me that it’s frustrated to handle interpersonal relationship.  On the contrary, she loved to work and study at laboratory.  So she chose a science subject, biochemistry, for her future career development.   Lilian was not totally mk3_0090smooth in the road to be graduated from university as she was not always smart.  Her weakness in exam jeopardized her much in fulfillment of the courses.  But I always told her that she should keep if up if she really had interest in this science field.  By the way, she totally spent five years to finish this Honorable Bachelor of Degree.

mk3_0096        Being impressed by her passion, the professor of the pathology department of the Hong Kong University admitted her as the Master student.  Lilian got a very good chance to further her study in the enthusiastic science subject and work at laboratory for scientific research everyday.  I do hope that I would join her another graduation ceremony when she achieves her Master degree by the end of this year.