My First “A” Grade Staff Appraisal Report

20160629-3     After serving the Hong Kong government for 25 years, I am very grateful that I finally attain an “A” grade staff appraisal report this year.

Being a disabled, I was helped by many others since childhood.  In return, I hoped I could serve others when I grew up.  So, working as a social worker was my lifelong aspiration.  Having joined the social work profession in 1991, I always tried my very best to help others in my work.  I was appreciated by many supervisors about my dedicated efforts.    However, I could not get an “A” grade staff appraisal report because I spent too much time in table tennis, i.e. failing to take overtime work in evening and taking many leaves for training and tournaments.  This situation made me become a so-called ‘troublesome’ staff.  Without an excellent report, I was not given any chance for promotion.

20160629-2      My present supervisor held a different attitude.  Apart from appreciated much at my devotion in work, she also admired me in the brilliant achievements in wheelchair table tennis.  She considered that marks ought not to be deducted because my success was really honorable to Hong Kong.  To show her genuine support to me, she gave me an “A” grade in the staff appraisal this year.

I am going to be retired in a few years.  Today, an “A” grade report did not mean much to my career prospect.  But I still thank a lot to my boss’s recognition to both my ‘social work’ and my ‘table tennis’!